National Tuberculosis TB Control Program

I. Vision

TB -free Philippines

II. Mission

  • To reduce TB burden (TB incidence and TB mortality)
  • To achieve catastrophic cost of TB-affected households
  • To responsively deliver TB service

III. Program Components

  • Health Promotion
  • Financing and Policy
  • Human Resource
  • Information System
  • Regulation
  • Service Delivery
  • Governance

IV. Target Population / Client

Presumptive TB and TB affected households

V. Area of Coverage


VI. Partner Institutions

  • Department of Health: Food and Drug Administration, Bureau of Quarantine
  • Other Government: DepEd, DSWD, DILG (BJMP), DOJ (BuCor), PIA, DOLE
  • Non Government Organizations: PhilCAT, PBSP
  • International Organizations: WHO, USAID, GFATM, ICRC, HIVOS-KNCV

VII. Policies and Laws

RA 10767 : Comprehensive TB Elimination Plan Act of 2016

VIII. Strategies, Action Points and Timeline

2017-2022 Philippine Strategic TB Elimination Plan

  • Activate communities and patient groups to promptly access quality TB services
  • Collaborate with other government agencies to reduce out-of-pocket expenses and expand social protection programs
  • Harmonize local and national efforts mobilize adequate and competent human resources
  • Innovate TB information generation and utilization for decision making
  • Enforce standards on TB care and prevention and use of quality products
  • Value clients and patients through integrated patient-centered TB services
  • Engage national, regional and local government units/ agencies on multi-sectoral implementation of TB elimination plan

IX. Program Accomplishments and Status

2019 WHO Global TB Report (Cohort of 2018)

  • Estimate TB Burden : Mortality 24/100,000 Incidence 554/100,000
  • Total Notified Cases: 382,543
  • Treatment Coverage: 63%
  • Treatment Success Rate, All Forms (2017) : 91%
  • Treatment Success Rate, MDR/RRTB (2016) 58%

X. Calendar of Activities

  • March 24 - World TB Day Commemoration
  • August - Lung Month Celebration

XI. Program Manager Contact Information

Dr. Anna Marie Celina G. Garfin
Program Manager


Last Updated:
September 9, 2020