13 December 2012:
The passage of the Reproductive Health Bill will be a landmark law that will empower women of reproductive age to have informed choices on their reproductive health. Likewise, their partners will also play a significant role as decision making requires the consent of both parties to determine their number of children and when they want to have.
Poll survey results revealed that majority of women are for the passage of the Reproductive Health Bill in order to provide them equal access to health care and information. This is not about limiting population but more on being able to provide the best for the family.
The Department of Health is confident that in the long run, the Church can be our ally in the Reproductive Health Bill because what we want is quality of life for everyone.
With 113 votes for yes and 104 votes for no, the Reproductive Health Bill was approved early this morning at the lower house on second reading. The earliest date that the bill can be put to vote will be on December 17 as President Aquino did not certify it as urgent.
We thank all those who supported the bill. Let not this Reproductive Health Bill divide us but more so unite us for better health for all.